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Black & White Houndstooth Fashion Hooded Dog Cape Coat

Houndstooth Hooded Dog Cape

Price: $11.99 - $18.99 $3.60 - $5.70 Save up to 70%
  • Faux fur trim
  • Pom-pom ties secure the cape to neck
  • Comfy and fashionable

Zack & ZoeyBlack & White Houndstooth Fashion Hooded Dog Cape Coat

Wrap Pets in Cozy Comfort and Style!

Popular patterned cape wraps dogs up in cozy comfort. Elegant faux fur trim adds classy detail and pom-pom ties secure the cape to neck for a comfy and fashionable fit.

Before ordering, be sure to measure your pet to ensure a proper fit

No two pets or garments are alike and just like human cloting, garment sizing may vary by brand and style.


Measuring is important!

Any question?
Need extra measurements?
Want us to physically measure a garment for you?
We're always happy to help!

Email us at any time
Also check out our Sizing Blog Post.
sizing guide
Measure the circumference of the base (thickest part) of the pet's neck for a snug and comfy fit.
Measure the girth around the broadest part of the chest (usually directly behind the front elbows) and add 1-2" for comfort.
Measure length of pet's back from the the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
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